About CARN

CARN was founded in 1976 in order to continue the development work of the Ford Teaching Project in UK primary and secondary schools. Since that time it has grown to become an international network drawing its members from educational, health, social care, commercial, and public services settings.

CARN aims to encourage and support action research projects (personal, local, national and international), accessible accounts of action research projects, and contributions to the theory and methodology of action research.

Conference 2018 is designed:

  • to support all voices (not only the dominant discourses),

  • to encourage a broad range of researchers and practitioners to be heard,

  • to celebrate the insights promoted by collaborative action research.

Our starting points will be:

  • our multiple ways of understanding, acting, reflecting and reconstructing our communities and societies

  • our diverse professions of health, social care, education and community development

  • our multiple roles as practitioners, researchers and academics;

  • our reflections on the orientations of action research in the contemporary era.

We welcome contributions from those working in and with schools, universities or any other educational institution; in health, nursing and social care; in public services settings as policy making and all other communities committed to improving social justice within our practices through Action Research in order to create a different, more just world.